Happy International Sober Women's Day!

In my imaginary world, I am a feminist warrior—a true Spartan woman. I have the scars of battle on my face to show for the blood I've shed. One scar on my right cheek, in particular, is costing me a pretty penny to remove. It came from fighting for my right to marry the gender I wanted to marry, not the gender I was told I needed to marry (long family story).

I have worked on women's human rights in Central America alongside the Todas Juntas, Todas Libres women liberators in Nicaragua. Throughout my career, I have been a hiring manager, and I am proud to say that I have only hired women of color to fill the roles on teams I have managed (shhh... please do not tell my HR manager :). The list of self-acclimates as to how I live a life of propelling women forward is long.

However, the most significant contribution I have made to womanhood has been getting sober. The greatest liberation cause I have fought for, as a woman, has been for my freedom from addiction. Getting sober has given me back my sword to keep fighting the good fight.

Aside from alcohol being the most commonly used weapon in date rape, alcohol takes a woman's power away. It clouds our judgment we desperately need during times we are the most vulnerable. It wears on our faces like a hot red air balloon squinty our eyes away. It adds undesirable time to our skin and body. Alcohol ruins the best in us by manipulating us into believing it brings out the best. What a sad joke!

I have replaced the idealism for ironic women who can hold their liquor well for iconic women who can keep themselves. I use to believe that drinking scotch with the boys made me equal, but it only made me stupid. I was proud of wearing men's deodorant to cover-up the awful body odor of having to detox every damn day. Now I spray rich wild rose extracts and feel graceful for smelling like a lady.

Today, on International Women's Day, I am beyond grateful to celebrate my newfound power in sobriety. I no longer obey my addiction. I am a free woman. The needs of my desires do not chain me. I am not a prisoner of the next drink.

I am free. I am sober. I am wise. I am woman. Can you hear me, roar?


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